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Written by usawent282
05 May 2010

jTweet is our very popular free twitter module for Joomla. Its based on the sea of clouds. The jTweet script has a good range of options to help you to personalise your twitter stream making it a flexible and stylish option for integrating your tweets into your site.


You can see an example of the jTweet script on the left sidebar of the Landscape template's demo site.

Here is a quick overview of some of the features available for this module but please check the parameter settings below for a more detailed explanation.

  • Set the number of tweets to display
  • Choose whether to display your avatar or not.
  • Assign a funky twitter icon to the first tweet in your stream.
  • Select whether to display just your tweets or all tweets related to a particular topic
  • Select auto join phrases according to the nature of your tweet eg specific intro text for replies, verbs, replying to tweets and more.
  • Set the text to appear while the tweets loads.
  • Filter your own tweets via keywords. eg only display tweets that contain the word "joomla".
  • Control the follow me text at the bottom of the module.
See more about jTweets on our website.

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