Zen Grid Framework

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Written by usawent282
03 May 2010

zenGridThe Zen Grid Framework is the evolution of the Zen Grid Template that we implemented way back in November 2009. Since then the template has undergone some enormous change and is now a standalone template framework that has been designed to be used in conjunction with Zen Grid Framework compatible templates. The new framework offers an extraordinary number of features with a simple to use interface.



Feature rich and easy to use

The Zen Grid Framework is a feature rich Joomla 1.5 template framework

 created for the easy deployment and development of joomla templates for you and your clients. It features a very smooth and easy to use joomla template admin which makes controlling the template a breeze for you and your clients.


Be sure to check out the Zen Grid knowledgebase for more indepth instructions on how to use the zen grid framework with your Zen Grid compatible Joomla template.


The basics

The framework itself is an installable package that sits in the template folder on your Joomla site and allows compatible templates to tap into it. The template framework provides the markup, core css and core javascript that are common to all of our joomla templates, while any compatible joomla template simply hooks in and pulls out what it needs.

The compatible Joomla template can override css, html markup and add extra js which makes it an incredibly flexible system with a low overhead. The beauty of this is that the core is easily maintained and easily upgradeable from version to version. In most cases the style of the Joomla template is truly separated from the layout which gives designers the opportunity to create the Joomla template of their dreams without needing to reinvent the wheel from a coding perspective.



The zen grid framework makes it very easy to make layout and colour changes to your site with zero Joomla  templating or coding knowledge. There are options within the template parameters itself to add your own css, while coding your own theme is as simple as creating a new colour hilite for the default theme and making changes to the css.

The logo is also easily controllable also and can be referenced from the template folder or any other folder in the main Joomla images folder which makes it easy for new users to upload their own logo via the Joomla media manager - which of course does away with the need for ftp knowledge.




The layout itself is based on the 960 Grid system but we have adapted it to apply to any template width you require. The template calculates the column width based on your settings and gives you the option of assigning specific widths for specific module positions or to create evenly spaced layouts which are dependant upon the number of modules you have published in any given row.


Script compression and performance tweaks


Features Include

  • xhtml and css valid Joomla 1.5 Template markup
  • Comprehensive theming options
  • Extensive Font Stack options
  • Core theme layout overrides and extensive layout control
  • Extensive Logo control
  • Tagline
  • Css Overrides
  • Html overrides
  • ie6 PNG Fix
  • JB Drop Panel
  • Google Analytics
  • Extra Scripts Option
  • CSS and JS compression
  • Remove mootools
  • Remove Joomla metatag generator

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